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WARN Zeon Platinum Enhanced Signal Kit

Part number: 94288

Enhance your Zeon Platinum Remote Signal

£189.44 RRP (inc.VAT)

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To allow for enhanced signal reach of the Advanced Wireless Remote

This enhanced signal kit locates the remote antenna out from the control pack in engine bay (or elsewhere) and higher up, allowing the antenna to reach a higher level; therefore allowing use when vehicle is partly submerged in water. Will allow signal to work even if winch is submerged so long as the antenna is not submerged.

Can work with either the long or short relocation kit

  • Kit includes:
  • Stubby antenna
  • Possibly controller circuit board replacement
  • Antenna bracket (stair step), enclosure and mounting hardware
  • Coaxial extension cabling - 6' (1.8m)
  • Coaxial plug
  • Seals and seal shells
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