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Customer: An ATV reseller and conversion specialist.


To source parts and fitment for a Honda 420 ATV to include winch and snow plough system.


Fully compatible WARN® Winch and WARN® Snow Plow system sourced and fitted by Arbil to the customer’s Honda 420.


WARN® winch covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Quality products received from an industry leading brand. Full consultation and fitment service provided by Arbil. Finished product received by the customer from Arbil.

The WARN® ATV range is arguably the most trusted brand of ATV winching accessories on the market. Arbil 4x4 was approached by an ATV dealer that was keen to take on this industry leading range, giving it a unique offering into the market place. The first job this ATV dealer had for Arbil 4x4 was to source and fit a WARN® Snow Plow kit for a Honda 420. Phil Rawling’s, Sales Manager at Arbil explains,

“There are a variety of WARN® Snow Plow Systems available on the market for a host of ATVs. These systems not only plough snow to clear paths for other vehicles, but they can also be used to relocate build ups of snow to prevent flooding around property when the snow eventually melts. These systems are designed for all year round use and are ideal for agricultural purposes such as clearing yards, pothole filling and moving medium weight loads such as gravel, chippings or muck heaps. This particular customer was looking for a WARN® Plow solution for agricultural use.’ Rawlings continues,

‘All Plow Systems require a WARN® mounting bracket to be fitted. These come in two variations, front & centre. Both mounting options can be left attached to the ATV when the plough is not in use. The front option is quicker to initially install & remove. The centre mount adds to the overall rigidity of the under chassis of the ATV. In this instance the front mount was decided upon as the Honda 420 kit is an extra wide design for increased durability and stability.”

The mounting kit that Arbil provided was then attached to the appropriate Plow Base. The Plow Base was then attached to the chosen Plow Blade, along with a bucket conversion kit. Rawlings explains the blade choice and fitment,

“When it comes to choosing the blade there are two things to consider. Firstly what the blade is going to be used for the majority of the time and also if a bucket fitment is required. WARN’s Straight Blades are heavier duty and more suited for users where snow movement will be the minority use and agricultural the majority. It is also only the Straight Blades that are compatible with the WARN® Plow Bucket attachment, which can lift a weight of 90kg. The Plow Bucket comes complete with a dump release which is operational from the driver’s seat. As this ATV was to primarily be used in an agricultural setting the heavier duty straight blade was decided upon, with the additional benefit of also being able to add the bucket conversion kit. The customer was keen to not only scrape yards, but also lift loads”

Lastly is how to lift the Plow System. For this particular customer Arbil fitted a WARN® Vantage 2000 winch. The added edition of the winch not only provides a way to lift the Plow Bucket, but it is also still a fully functioning winch with an impressive pulling power of up 2,000lbs.

The duration from the initial order to the completion of the quad build was one week. Due to the large stock holding of WARN® ATV products held by Arbil, the products were readily available so work could begin straight away.

The Quad has now been resold by Arbil’s customer and is now put to work daily on an agricultural estate.

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