Bespoke Recovery Chain

Customer: One of Europe’s leading specialist trailer, mobility and engineering solutions companies.


Bespoke KUPLEX® recovery chains needed to attach to and for use with a military personnel carrier. Ongoing requirement for KUPLEX® products and servicing.


Bespoke KUPLEX® chains manufactured by Arbil, fabricated from customers bespoke design drawings. Ongoing KUPLEX® supply and servicing.


Quick turnaround on delivery. Security in the knowledge that a leading and quality brand is being used. Cost saving from dealing direct with Arbil, the UK’s only KUPLEX® fabrication and service centre. 100% product accuracy rate maintained by Arbil. KUPLEX® is a recognised and preferred product brand within the MOD.

Part of this customer’s service offering, is its’ speciality in engineering solutions in relation to bespoke vehicles. With many of its vehicles being developed for use in active duty by UK armed forces there is no room for error when it comes to the provision of strong, durable and trustworthy accessories. When a need arose for heavy duty KUPLEX® recovery chains, this organisation looked no further than its longstanding supplier Arbil.

This vehicle engineering solutions company has been a customer of Arbils for over a decade, initially dealing with the Arbil 4x4 division for its commercial winch requirements. As the customers company developed and continued to expand its business, it needed to source a premium standard lifting solutions provider, specifically, specialising in lifting chains. Dave Nicholls, Arbil Lifting’s General Manager, explains the service Arbil provides,

“The customers original winch needs where added to when its company took over a skip hire organisation. As they had branched into another sector, they obviously had a wider area of consumable products that they needed to source on a day to day basis. Initially they thought of us as just being able to supply their skip lifting product requirements; however it soon came to light that Arbil could supply much more than this.’ Nicholls continues,

‘The customer then began to look further into our full product offering, with my help and guidance. It was soon brought to the customer’s attention that Arbil is the UK's largest distributor and fabricator of the KUPLEX® range of chains. As a few our customers deal often with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and its’ contract requirements, it is vital that they use the MOD’s preferred and accredited range of materials in their engineering solutions. As the industry leading range of chains, KUPLEX® is the preferred choice by the MOD, meaning it made perfect sense for the customer to further build upon their relationship with Arbil.”

When the specific requirement for recovery chains for one of this customer’s MOD contracted vehicles came to light, it turned to Arbil for its chain requirements. Nicholls explains,

“We have held the largest distributor status for KUPLEX® for over 5 years now, so we are well practiced when it comes to making up bespoke customer requirements. This customer provided me with design drawings for us to work from. The key requirements were that the chain needed to be 13mm in diameter and have a breaking load of 21.2 tonne. As we have a testing facility up to 100 tonne; this was something we were more than happy and indeed capable of undertaking.’ Nicholls continues,

‘After receiving the customers design drawings we had fully finished and made up the chains in just over a day. Although the customer wasn’t particularly pressed for time, we always like to turn around projects in the quickest possible timeframe, whilst still maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. On completion of the making of the chain we then also fitted it with a protective sleeve, leaving the customer to fix to the vehicle in question as requested, which was a military personnel carrier.”

Although many of this customer’s job requirements are relatively straight forward for an industry leading Lifting and testing provider; great pride is still taken in these jobs and this is why this customer’s requirements are constantly directed towards Arbil. Nicholls finishes,

“We have enjoyed a close working relationship with this customer for a number of years now, and this is due to the quality of both the products and services we provide. We strive to be competitively priced within the market place and we like to think this plays a part in our repeat business with our customers.”

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