First Responder Jack Rescue

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service: One of the UK’s largest fire fighting authorities and 2013 UK Vehicle Extrication Champions.


To enhance the extrication teams product portfolio to aid with emergency extrications from vehicles.


10 Hi-Lift® First Responder™ Jacks sourced by Arbil for Hampshire Fire Service, to be put in use on its' fleet of response vehicles. Full collaboration from Arbil for Hampshire Fire Services independent testing of the jack.


A safe and timely tool to aid with patient focused extrications in emergency situations. A product that can be trusted, knowing that vigorous testing has been undertaken.

The Hampshire RTC Extrication Team; the current UK vehicle extrication champions, first contacted Arbil to arrange a test of the Hi-Lift® First Responder™ after viewing its use at a TERC International Event. Arbil was more than happy to aid the trial of the Jack and a date was set to put the jack through its' paces at the state of the art Hampshire Fire & Recue training site.

Trevor Griffin, Watch Manager, Hampshire Fire and Rescue explains the details of the trial day and their need for the jack,

“We pride ourselves on being open with all of our testing and trialling of products. We wanted to share the knowledge found in our trial, as our primary objective is always to build on and improve the founding’s for safe, timely and patient focused extrications in emergency situations.’ Griffin continues,

‘We had first come across the Hi-Lift® First Responder™ when at a TERC International event where an American team were using the product. These kinds of event are great for sharing product knowledge and picking up ideas for new pieces of kit. This was when we then got in touch with the team at Arbil, the exclusive UK distributor, to see about putting the jack through our own trials.”

The Hampshire team had set up the day to put the jack through a host of test scenarios, including vehicle entrapment, vehicle stabilisation and lifting, along with creating access and egress for patient removal. Griffin explains the scenario tests for the jack.

“We wanted this kit primarily for its stabilisation and lifting capabilities. We wanted to use the testing to see just how quickly the jack could implement this. We firstly trialled the jack to secure a vehicle in a mocked up road traffic accident, where the vehicle had partly mounted concrete bollards. There is obviously blocking units that can be used to stabilise a vehicle, however this can be timely and whilst placing the lower blocks, there is always a risk that the vehicle could still subside causing safety concerns. The jacks were implemented in pairs and raised in tandem. The team had secured the vehicle within seconds.’ Griffins continues,

‘The simplicity of this product is one of its key strengths. It’s very much grab and go, with no need for fuel or power. The second trial, which was demonstrated using both a vehicle and trailer entrapment, highlighted just how quickly an under vehicle entrapped patient can be released. Our trial showed from point of arriving at site, the extrication could take place within two minutes. A key bonus for Rapid Intervention Teams”

The First Responder was designed as a multi use extraction tool at a fraction of the cost of expensive hydraulic tools.

Hi-Lift® promote this product as a multiple use extraction tool that can also be used for gaining access to compressed compartments, create access and egress for patient removal and also winching. The Hampshire team also put these uses to the test. Griffin explains,

“We tested the Jack in access and egress scenarios on a Ford Focus. Many services will have a vast array of hydraulic tools to hand to use, but we wanted to trial this jack alone – to see just how capable it was when left to just its own devices.’ Griffin details the success,

‘The success of the jack does depend on the vehicle it is being used on. The jack performed at its best on the vehicle when in use to extend the boot space for an emergency egress point. The access and egress scenarios were not why we purchased the jack, but it was a worthwhile learning curve to test its performance in these areas as well – as in some instances, smaller service units may only have limited equipment to hand, or on large scale emergency jobs, you need to put all the equipment you have to the best use, so this is a multi-tool but its core strength for us lies in its first gap, first intervention and stabilisation qualities”

The Hampshire team has now taken 10 of the Hi-Lift® First Responder™ Jacks to roll out to its units. Should any fire services want to contact the Hampshire team for their thoughts around the product, Trevor Griffin is happy to advise and can be contacted on: 02380 644000.

If you would like to find out more about the First Responder™ range as a whole simply click here to be redirected to the product page.

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