Specialist Vehicle Conversions

Jankel UK is a vehicle conversion specialist, specialising in customising armour protected vehicles for law enforcement organisations and VIP / staff protection requirements, along with private vehicle conversions.


To provide Jankel with a constant full portfolio of specialist conversion parts and equipment, along with expert knowledge of these products.


Full portfolio of premium products always available for order. Arbil manage the full ordering and logistics process of sourcing these parts on Jankel’s behalf.


Full portfolio ensures Jankel only need work with Arbil, making ordering process simple and efficient. Man hour savings through Arbil managing logistics. Arbil hold stock of key products. Quick and easy access to leading brands, exclusive to Arbil. Expert product knowledge on-hand from Arbil.

As an international vehicle conversion specialist, Jankel UK are the UK’s leading 4x4 vehicle customisation experts. With contracts with extremely high profile customers; it is vital that Jankel use leading, best quality products, delivered to them on time, to meet tight production deadlines and that they are the correct specification for the detailed and intricate jobs they produce. This is where Jankel rely on Arbil to take some of the strain of its workload in providing these products. Mark Foster, Buyer at Jankel explains,

“We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality service possible to our customers and this starts with the products we use when developing our customised vehicles. We only use the proven and tested leading brands and Arbil can supply these”

Arbil’s strong distribution network and knowledge within its organisation has led to it being granted exclusive UK distribution of leading brands ARB® and WARN®. Jankel use Arbil to source its winch, compressor, bull bar, roof rack, rear bumper, side step, recovery equipment and fuel tank needs. Foster details the service,

“Our suppliers are based all over the world; managing ordering and shipments from all of these parties is an incredibly time consuming job and also involves several contacts, time zones and currencies. Because we have to meet tight production deadlines we need the correct parts on time and where we expect them – and with all the best intensions, sometimes suppliers still need chasing to ensure this happens. Arbil manage this ordering process for us so we can be left to get on with what we do best: vehicle conversions and delivering the highest customer satisfaction and not be tied up with the logistics’ Foster adds,

‘One recent example of the service Arbil provided us was an ARB® order. 68 parts were coming from the Middle East to our varying sites within the UK. We needed the correct parts, delivered to the correct sites and all within 10 days. Arbil managed the full process on our behalf and everything went without a hiccup”

Foster now only has one company to deal with and can lean on the individuals within Arbil for their expert advice. Foster explains,

“Now that Arbil fully manage the logistical side of things I can focus on getting in the best possible products for the job. After a close working relation with Arbil for nearly 10 years, I know who will be the best person to approach within the team for any particular query. Their product knowledge is second to none, and not only will they provide solutions for us, but they also actively introduce new product, meaning we can always offer our customers the most innovative products’ Foster finishes,

‘I would definitely recommend Arbil’s service. My stress levels have been reduced and the service provided is great value for the minimal charge applied to it”

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