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As part of the Pennon Group plc, South West Water provides reliable, efficient and high quality drinking water and waste water services throughout Cornwall and Devon. Established in 1989, the company was tasked with bringing the regions water systems up to stringent UK standards. The south west now enjoys some of the finest waters and picturesque waterways in Europe due to its extensive testing and environmental programme. South West Water approached Arbil 4x4 for a solution to one of its testing requirements.


Transportation of drinking water samples which need to remain at a set temperature throughout transit to a testing facility


Fleet of ARB 78 litre fridge freezers and fridge slides sourced by Arbil and delivered to the customer.


Functional, durable and reliable fleet of fridge freezers; with easy pull out access in vehicles. Temperature control panel to pre-set consistent temperature. Large capacity for numerous sample bottles.

With a regulatory requirement to monitor all of its drinking water supplies and waste water discharges; South West Water needed a reliable vehicle mounted fridge to carry its samples around the rural south west and then to its laboratory facility. These samples need to be kept at a regulated temperature throughout transportation to ensure they are representative and meet stringent regulatory requirements. Stuart Hooper, Water Quality Scientist, South West Water explains,

“We require samples to be kept within a certain temperature range from the point of the bottle being filled at our sites to arrival at the laboratory. This prevents varying temperatures changing analysis. If samples were not refrigerated they would not always meet the required temperature range and would then have to be discarded and a further collection rescheduled, taking up both time and resources.’ Hooper continues,

‘We have used a variety of fridges over the years, but a re-specification of the vehicle fleet, which involved a new racking system, led to a rethink of refrigeration integration. As would be expected our site locations are in rural areas, meaning our compliance sampling staff have to travel to isolated areas, which can be a timely distance away from our laboratory. Furthermore a number of the sites have to be accessed via tracks of varying standards, so a well built product to withstand this kind of use was required”

Stuart Hooper began to look for a refrigeration solution and after conducting initial research he discovered the ARB® brand. On realising that Arbil 4x4 is the official and exclusive UK importer of ARB® he got in touch with the company. Steve Smith, Arbil 4x4’s Commercial Sales Manager explains the solution provided,

“When Stuart at South West Water approached us he knew exactly what he needed a refrigeration product to be able to do. With a 2 year warranty on all ARB® products you know you are buying quality and a product you can rely on. These fridges have a control panel so the user can set and amend the refrigeration temperature at their choosing; this was something vital for South West Water, as they not only needed to keep samples cool, but they needed to record and amend the exact temperature the samples would be transported at. The fridges rear clips and rubber feet ensure the fridge is secure and cannot be accidentally disconnected and the portability of the fridge basket allows a convenient way of carrying the samples from the fridge into another fridge/laboratory. South West Water needed easy access to these fridges out of the backs of vehicles so we also suggested the ARB® fridge slider. This does exactly what you would imagine, sliding the fridge from an enclosed space in the back of a vehicle, to a more easy to access area.”

South West Water in some cases needed to install two fridges per vehicle. A racking solution was already in place within the vehicles so Arbil 4x4 needed to ensure these fridges would fit around it. Hooper explains,

“To meet our operational and regulatory requirement, we have to take a number samples from numerous sites & locations covering a wide geographical area. We needed a fridge solution that would store numerous bottles and also have the space to ideally store all of these bottles upright. We needed Arbil to ensure we purchased fridges that had the space to do this but would also fit within the racking that was already installed in our vehicles. Arbil recommended 78 litre fridges; along with the sliders – a product that was essential for our integration with the new racking. Since then we haven’t looked back. We have installed the fridges and fridge sliders within our fleet of new sampling vehicles and its great to be able trust the product fully.’ Hooper concludes, 

‘Arbil managed our request in a professional manner, even giving us an additional discount on our first bulk order. They are not the sort of company to pressurise you into making a decision, but were supportive, visited our site to get a full understanding of what we required and then came up with a valid solution.”

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