Vehicle Storage Solutions

Customer: A Toyota Hilux owner and off-road enthusiast.


To find a vehicle storage solution for overlanding expeditions, to hold a variety of kit in a space saving manner. To also include items to be kept and stored at set temperatures.


2x ARB® Roller drawers fitted (1255 x 435mm) along with an ARB® Slim Line Drawer with full roll out functionality. ARB® Fridge Freezer also fitted and wired in on top of Slim Line Drawer.


Fully functional and space saving storage solution achieved. Aesthetically pleasing. All ARB® products backed by a substantial 2 year warranty. Chilled storage solution also provided.

The ARB® Outback Storage Solution is a popular modular system and can be adapted to individual’s preferences and customised to suit varying vehicle makes and models.

ARB’s storage range offers a sleek and modern solution for a host of requirements. This particular customer needed to find a solution to store the large volumes of kit needed to go on a lengthy overlanding expedition. Phil Rawlings, Arbil’s Sales Manager explains,

“We have worked with this particular vehicle fitter for over 10 years now and so they know where to turn when they need trusted products that with the right care will last a vehicle lifetime’ Rawlings explains the modular Drawer Systems,

“As a complete modular system; the ARB® storage solution range can be individually selected to a vehicle and we have worked with fitters on wide array of vehicles including: 4x4’s, pick-ups, trailers and even buses and coaches. This system can also be just as easily applied to non-vehicle applications such as work stations.”

Three types of ARB® modules are available, (a roller drawer, a roller drawer with roller floor and a roller floor) coming in a range of sizes which can be mixed and matched to individual needs resulting in more than 200 possible configurations. The inside of the drawers are carpeted. This prevents tools from sliding around when the vehicle is in motion. With varying depths of drawers available, substantially sized items can also be stored.

The fitment for the Toyota Hilux comprised of two roller drawers on the left-hand side of the pick-up bed, with a slim line drawer fitted to the right. This slim line drawer was situated on rollers, so the full drawer along with its top and whatever is stored upon it slides out from the back of the vehicle, making it easily accessible. In this instance an ARB® 47L Fridge Freezer was wired and strapped into place on top of it. Rawlings comments on the fridges,

“These fridge freezers offer the convenience of having cold food and drinks no matter what the terrain, with a cooling capacity down to -18°C. They are also available in 35, 47, 60 and 78 litre varieties. With their 3 year warranty, ARB® fridge freezers are arguably the most durable in the market place.”

This customer now has the benefit of a fully functioning storage solution, which with the right care should last a vehicle lifetime.

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