ZEON Defender Fitment

Flatdog UK: A family run manufacturer, retailer and fitter of a host of 4x4 products, including Flatdog own brand, ARB®, WARN®, Safari Snorkel® & OME®, specialising in Land Rover builds.


Fulfilment of full product portfolio of ARB®, WARN®, Safari Snorkel® & OME® products into Flatdog. Specific requirement for a WARN® ZEON™ and fitment parts to install the first ZEON™ to a Land Rover Defender. 


Full range of ARB®, WARN®, Safari Snorkel® & OME® products readily available for Flatdog’s purchase. Arbil 4x4 support in the provision of a WARN® ZEON™ for Defender build and associated Flatdog PR coverage after build. 


Industry leading, renowned 4x4 brands readily available to purchase and pass onto Flatdog’s customers. Full supplier support from Arbil 4x4 readily available. Trusted quality brands being passed onto and fitted to Flatdog’s customer’s vehicles.

Working with a host of brands from all over the world; Flatdog aim to offer the best products for expedition and off road in the Land Rover market. To enable Flatdog to achieve this, it needs a supplier of quality products it can rely on. This is when Flatdog turned to Arbil 4x4, to source its 4x4 parts and accessory products,  due to Arbil’s official UK importer status for ARB®, WARN®, Safari Snorkel® and Hi-Lift®.

Along with many other Land Rover enthusiasts the team at Flatdog were excited when Arbil 4x4 launched the new ZEON™ range on behalf of WARN® in the UK. However when the product first launched, there seemed to be a problem for avid Land Rover fans, it appeared as if it could not be fitted to a Land Rover Defender. However Flatdog did not let this stand in its way, Ben Baker, Flatdog’s Land Rover Specialist explains,

“When the ZEON™ first came out we recognised it was a great piece of kit, but it soon came to light a winch bumper for the Defender to fit a Zeon simply didn’t exist, so we set to work developing one. The Defender has a classic look and style that doesn’t need adjusting, so we were determined to incorporate the genuine A-bar to keep the look of the original frontage”

As arguably the most popular Land Rover model in the UK, it was vital that a solution could be found to fit the ZEON™ to a Defender. As one of Arbil’s preferred and most technically knowledgeable Land Rover dealers, Arbil offered its support to Flatdog in terms of promoting the build, so Flatdog could focus its expertise in getting the part to fit. Stephanie Bergin, Marketing Manager, comments,

“The Defender LXV WARN® Zeon™, designed and developed by the guys at Flatdog UK is the first of its kind, showing off the full ‘Flatdog Look’. As with all our preferred dealers, we are always more than willing to offer our full marketing support in regards to builds and projects of this nature. It is great to be able to work alongside people like Ben at Flatdog, as although we have some great quality products on offer, it is dealers like Flatdog who really bring these products to life" 

Ben adds the below in regards to the fitment, 

“The WARN® Zeon’s key design feature is its asymmetric look; this keeps its fitment as close to the original look of any vehicle front mount. It also boasts durable satin-black cast-aluminium housing, muck-busting sealing, and a convertible control pack that allows it to be mounted any way the user may want. We understood this and didn’t want Defender owners to miss out.' Ben continues,

'After just a few weeks from our designs being drawn up we had a winch bumper created ready for fitment, so we set to work on the LXV. The grill and existing bumper were carefully removed and the bolts from the original fitment reused to fit the new winch bumper. To secure the winch bumper in place and to account for the extra weight of the ZEON™ we also included two further brackets which attached further down the chassis”

With the new ZEON™ fitment beginning to take shape, whilst there was additional space before the winch being mounted, the team set about putting the winch wiring in place. Ben explains,

“It’s always easier to put the wiring in place at the earliest possible opportunity to give you more room to work with. We fit the DRL wiring, bolted on the fairlead and then fixed the Zeon in place, making sure the wires were free to wire to the battery.”

Flatdog didn’t just leave it to the WARN® Zeon™ to give this LXV Defender a facelift though; the Defender was given the full WARN® works by also fitting SDB-160 lights. Ben explains,

“Once the ZEON™ was in place, we attached the lights to the a-bar and wired them up to a switch in the dash to create the perfect Flatdog look. This is the first LXV we have kitted out and we have to say, it must now be one of the best looking!”

Flatdog’s customer now has one of the most impressive looking winch mounted Defenders in the UK. Arbil 4x4’s leading brands and trusted products, along with Flatdog’s fitment expertise has made the perfect combination.

Flatdog offer great package deals for front modifications. If you want to get in touch with the guys or find out more simply visit: www.flatdoguk.com

About Flatdog UK
Flatdog UK Ltd is a family run company based in Gainsborough Lincolnshire. Flatdog manufacture a host of products under the Flatdog brand including the world famous flexi arches.
Working together with companies all over the world; Flatdog aim to offer the best products for Expedition and Off Road in the Land Rover market.

As a leading stockist of Mantec products, in 2010 Flatdog was proud be named as a Mantec approved fitting Centre.

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