Counter Balance Lift Solution

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To lift a 40kg stator fitted within aluminium housing under a Pillar Drill with very little clearance. A need to counter balance the housing so it could be lifted and positioned in the drill jig.


Designing and fabrication of a counter balance lifting arm undertaken by Arbil to lift stator and housing into position and hold steady using horizontal lift.


All design, measurement, testing and fabrication processes undertaken by Arbil, seeing the project through from start to finish. Fully-movable counter balance that can be repositioned to use with other lifting weights. Competitively priced solution to a problem from a trusted, industry leading provider.

Rotork’s electric actuators are used worldwide, in all climate zones and in a multitude of industries. Rotork is the leader in this field due to the paramount requirement to provide extremely reliable products. The use for Actuators is often safety related; therefore users put high demands on the reliability of devices. When Rotork needed to source a lifting solution for use during its actuator motor housing production, Rotork required a supplier to match its own stringent high standards; this was when it turned to Arbil Lifting...

As the industry leader in the production of electric valve actuators, Rotork is constantly looking to develop its processes and products. Nick Fisher, Manufacturing Engineer at Rotork, explains why a solution to one particular development was needed,

“In this particular instance, we had developed and enhanced one particular type of aluminium housing for the motor of an Electric Valve Actuator. The motor must be mechanically retained by a screw, for which a precise hole must be drilled in the side of the motor. During development we found our operators could not safely mount the motor under the pillar drill.’ Fisher continues,

‘We almost always approach Arbil with our Lifting solution jobs to allow them to quote as we know we can trust their finished solutions.”

After sending Arbil the initial job details, the quotation was quickly agreed upon and work got underway. Brian Timmington, Arbil’s Engineering Manager explains,

“Actuators are always designed in high enclosure protection, as the failure of an actuator may cause accidents in process-controlled plants and toxic substances may leak into the environment. The engineers at Rotork put a lot of work and knowledge into the developments of its products and as this particular housing was protecting the motor, it was vital that the housing could be held perfectly still whilst drilling, to ensure no damage was made to the surrounding area.’ Timmington continues,

‘After weighing the stator and housing to be lifted and measuring the lifting clearance around the pillar drill, we could design a solution to hold the housing steady under the drill. There was only a 50mm clearance between the drill and the edge of the crane to be used, so accuracy of our measurements was critical as the slightest variants would lead to our solution not working. We needed to establish just how heavy to make the counter balance, whilst ensuring the lift beam was still manageable for a single operator.”

After establishing the fulcrum point of the crane and calculating the counter balance point and weight; Arbil set to work fabricating the lifting beam from its own design drawing. Nick Fisher explains,

“We gave Arbil basic measurements and weights around the products and workspace this counter balance beam would be used in and then left Arbil to do the rest. The counter balance arm was made up so that it would suspend from our cranes, which are in close proximity to the drill pillar. The motor would then be slid into position using the handle that was developed to feature on the beam; the arm can be then withdrawn whilst drilling takes place, then used again to extract the work piece.”

Rotork’s Nick Fisher finishes,

“We now have a fully functioning lifting solution that Arbil turned around quickly for us. Not only did they provide us with a solution for this job, but as the counter balance weight is repositionable, the beam can also be adapted for us in future scenarios, making it multipurpose.”

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