Lifting Beam Fabrications

Customer: A leading storage solutions provider based in the Midlands.


A need for a permanent lifting solution to move large storage containers weighing up to 10 tonne.


After consultation, a 10 tonne spreader beam with two lift points was decided upon and fabricated by Arbil.


Cost saving due to no longer having to hire beams in. Consultation provided as a part of the service. Quick turn-around time, with discounted hire option provided by Arbil whilst new beam was fabricated. Quality fabricated product from a trusted supplier.

With goods being brought in and out of depots on a daily basis, it is vital to have equipment to move containers full of goods around at any time of day or night.  With containers weighing in excess of 8 tonnes and full of valuable goods, it is paramount that these containers are lifted and lowered in a controlled and safe manner. When the need to lift larger containers more frequently arose, this storage solution provider turned to Arbil for a permanent lifting solution.

Prior to contacting Arbil Lifting; this storage solutions provider had been hiring in lifting beams as and when it needed them to move larger containers. Dave Nicholls, General Manager, Arbil Lifting, explains,

“Previously the containers our customer had in on a regular basis were smaller in size, weighing around 4 tonne. They periodically had in the larger containers and as and when this occurred they hired in larger lifting beams. Over time though it was becoming more and more common place for the customer to be storing larger containers, so they made the decision to purchase a beam as this would be far more cost effective in the long run.”

Having highlighted the need to purchase a beam, the storage solutions provider began to make enquiries as to who was best to approach to have a beam fabricated. This was when the company was put in touch with Arbil Lifting. Dave Hickinbottom, Account Manager at Arbil comments,

“After receiving the initial enquiry, I went into the site to see exactly what the requirement was. After a consultation period on site, it was soon decided that one of our in-house fabricated 10 tonne spreader beams with two lifting points would be the ideal solution. With all the measurements in-hand and knowing exactly where and what the beam would be used to lift, I could go away and work with our engineers to price up and design the solution.”

The customer quickly signed off the proposed spreader beam put forward by Dave Hickinbottom and work got under way. During the 10 day period whilst the beam was being designed and fabricated; Arbil provided the customer with a temporary hire beam from its substantial hire fleet, so work at the customer site would not be disrupted. Dave Nicholls closes,

“The hire beam the customer was given to use, was provided at a very competitive price. We delivered it into them, along with 10 days later delivering the fabricated lift beam, whilst at the same time collecting the hire beam. The customer was impressed with the quick turnaround of the beam and it is now in use on a daily basis.”

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