Practiced in mass demand

Customer: A leading energy efficiency company; with its own UK energy network, specialising in identifying and delivering energy reduction measures for homes around the UK.


Vast amount of lifting gear parts required for overhead line work including: various shackles, slings, wire and fibre ropes; in a bulk order to be on site by a specified date and in one delivery drop off.


Over 5900 individual products delivered on time and to job spec to the required delivery point.


Ease of ordering. Peace of mind regarding quality of products to be delivered. Ability to lean on trusted advice and expert opinion when ordering. Confidence in Arbil supplying the right product for specific jobs.
As the fastest growing energy efficiency company, the pace is quick within this organisation. With daily increases in requirements for efficient energy solutions; it needs a vast amount of tools and products to meet demand and match and exceed targets regarding its overhead line work; this overhead line work keeps its UK energy network fully efficient. This customer needs the right tools for the right job, with all involving lifting equipment; this is where it leans on Arbil’s expertise.

Established to meet the demands of a new market place and the government’s commitment to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, things are extremely fast moving, but this is a challenge this customer is happy to face as it goes from strength to strength. Stephanie Bergin, Marketing Manager at Arbil, gives the background on why this customer was looking for a reliable solution,

“It’s not just the environmental commitment that makes people more determined to be more energy efficient but also the cost savings in energy bills. Homeowners are doing their bit by not wasting power but it is also crucial that overhead line network is fully functional and is performing as efficiently as possible. Our customer conducts regular overhead line maintenance jobs and even though they are performing considerably over UK standard regulations; they still constantly look for improvements. This is why they are never short of a list of projects!' Bergin continues,

‘Our customer gets through vast amounts of consumable materials and they need to ensure we have all the products needed to conduct any given job. Rightly so; homeowners would not expect the power to their homes to be cut off, simply because their supplier did not have the right equipment to complete overhead line work both quickly and safely. Our customers can rely on and trust us to meet demands for supply of products so they can work efficiently.”

This energy company uses 100’s of shackles, slings and ropes on a day to day basis. These may be relatively simplistic products, however without these parts all projects on overhead lines; no matter how large or pressing, would have to be put on hold. Dave Nicholls, General Manager of Lifting Gear at Arbil had this to say of the account,

“This energy company has been a customer of Arbils for over 5 years now and during that time we have built up a strong relationship and understand the needs of its procurement team. Arbil won the initial contract when it was put out to tender and we haven’t looked back since. For efficiency purposes, it is much more cost effective in man hours for the procurement team to place large bulk orders, rather than repetitive smaller orders. Arbil’s consultancy service also acts as a cost saving and we always advise on the best product for a job; which is often not the more expensive solution that the customer may think they need. We are always ready for these orders to come in and set to work both sourcing and manufacturing product.”

A recent bulk order consisted of a total of 5954 products, made up of 43 different product lines. The order needed to match the requirement exactly; a need that is standard practice for Arbil’s manufacturing team. Nicholls explains why they came to Arbil with this job,

“With such a large order in both size and monetary value any customer would need a supplier they can trust. This customer needed a supplier who could balance the need for speed on delivery but still ensure quality and accuracy. Arbil always manufacture products to the highest standard and when given the details of this job we managed to turn it around in 4 weeks from start to finish. Arbil has the staff with the right skill sets to call upon to complete orders quickly. We will always pull out all the stops to get product delivered on time.’ Nicholls concludes,

‘Arbil are the experts when it comes to lifting gear so companies lean on our knowledge and experience when it comes to finding solutions for their needs. We will always advise on the best solution and do not put our own monetary gain into the advice we give. Customers have often suggested a more expensive product and we have advised that another cheaper product will do the job better!”

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