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Abtech Adj' Restraint Lanyard, 30cm

Part number: AB/RST/ADJ/30

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A restraint Lanyard is a line which is used for the purpose of preventing the operator from reaching zone where the risk of a fall exists and is in no circumstances to be used as a means of fall arrest.

The restraint lanyard is designed for use in conjunction with a full body harness (which meets the standard BS EN : 361) The operator should take into consideration when determining the length of Lanyard required the field area of work, height and position at which the fixed anchor point is set on the machine/platform and their own position of connection to the harness. Due to the many complexities in establishing the correct length of Restraint Lanyard for each unique work situation, it is essential that a risk assessment is carried out by a competent person prior to using this piece of equipment.

The restraint lanyard is particularly ideal in platform access where anchor points are placed at mid rail level or on the floor. A full risk assessment must be carried out in order to determine the correct length of restraint lanyard required for each work situation.

Restraint Lanyards must not be extended via attachment to any other line. Anchor points must be able to withstand 10kN in accordance to BS EN : 795. Connectors, hooks and karabiners must be in accordance with BS EN : 362. Multiple loads must never be applied to a single connector. Lanyards must never be looped around attachment points.
The operator must always ensure that all equipment is fully compatible, if in doubt contact the manufacturer.

Features include;

  • Can be adapted to suit the purpose via the attachment of many varied connectors (Hooks & Karabiners)
  • Lightweight construction, robust and convenient to carry
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comes complete with full user instructions and Product Record Card

Please note; Various lengths and none-adjustable versions of this lanyard are available, please speak to one of our sales team for more information

    Abtech Adj' Restraint Lanyard, 30cm
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