Arbil offer calibration of customers testing and calibration rigs using equipment which is fully traceable to national standards.

Our fully qualified staff calibrate equipment ensuring it is met by both LOLER and LEEA requirements.

Our in-house calibration and certification facilities are available for a wide range of products including:
• Pressure gauges and dial gauges
• Load links and load cells (compression and tension)
• Load cell read out systems
• Load columns and hydraulic jacking systems

To support its wide range of testing and calibration services, Arbil possesses a comprehensive range of equipment including, but not limited to, the below;
• Horizontal tensile test rigs up to 50 tonnes capacity
• Vertical tensile test rigs up to 20 tonnes capacity
• Hydraulic jack testers up to 1000 tonnes capacity
• Dynamic jack testers up to 250 tonnes capacity
• Drive-in trolley jack testers up to 50 tonnes capacity
• Pump and hose tester up to 10,000psi/700bar
• Torque test and re-calibration to 1500Nm
• P.A.T. Testing of electrical equipment

All equipment that is repaired, calibrated or tested by Arbil is issued with either a ‘Report of Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment’ or a ‘Certification of Calibration’

Arbil’s testing and calibration equipment is maintained in first class working order and is fully traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards or UKAS Standard.

Arbil is certified or fully authorised service agents for Dillon and Tractel products.

For more information about what Arbil can do for you, please call 01384 424 007 to speak with a member of the team.

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