Cartec Grade 8 Systems

As part of the Cartec Grade 8 chain sling system, you can rest assured that all chains, slings and components have been rigorously tested to ensure accurate specifications and in compliance with EEC guidelines.

"CE" Compliance declarations (89/392/EEC,91/368/EEC) stating product compliance with its technical specifications and provision of application limits and user's instructions are available on request. It is possible to retrieve the values of raw materials at any stage of intermediate or final working thus allowing a complete control, also after production, of product compliance.

All Cartec accessories and components used for lifting are built in order to meet health and safety requirements and carry the "CE" relief marking.

**Please note; not all products listed may be Cartec components but can be used within a Cartec 8+10 Chain Sling System.

Cartec Grade 8 Systems

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