Dillon AP Dynamometer

The Dillon AP Dynamometer has been proven to provide limitless versatility as a weight and tension measuring instrument and can be used in any application requiring precision force or tension measurement.

A sturdy design, teamed with top grade components and premium coatings means that the Dillon AP Dynamometer can last for years, even in severe environmental conditions.

The AP  Dynamometer will satisfy your most demanding applications, whatever and wherever they may be.

For more technical information, you can download the PDF at the bottom of this page or alternatively, for any questions or to place an order click here to contact a member of the team

ReferenceCapacity RatingCapacity x DivisionDial SizeUltimate Safety Factor
30006-0134Low500x55 inches/125mm5:1
30006-0159Low1000x105 inches/125mm5:1
30006-0126Low2000x205 inches/125mm5:1
30006-0167Low4000x255 inches/125mm5:1
30006-0118Medium10,000x1005 inches/125mm4.5:1
30007-0133Low500x210 inches/250mm5:1
30007-0158Low1000x510 inches/250mm5:1
30007-0125Low2000x1010 inches/250mm5:1
30007-0174Low5000x2010 inches/250mm5:1
30007-0117Medium10,000x50 10 inches/250mm5:1
30784-0058High20,000x10010 inches/250mm4:1
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