YaleTrac Cable Pullers

Arbil offers all versions of Yaletrac® heavy duty and 'aluminium' cable pullers and YaleMtrac® endless winches.

The Yaletrac® range of portable cable pullers provide a versatile tool for pulling, lowering, lifting, tensioning and securing loads over long distances. They are easy and safe to use with additional benefits such as being virtually service free.

Lightweight and compact, the aluminium high strength alloy housing has a large flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical working positions.

Specifically designed for applications within industry, building and construction, civil engineering, ship building, oil refineries and power line construction.

The YaleMtrac® endless winch  is versatile and suitable for unlimited applications. The rope is not connected which makes it compact, light and very easy to handle. The unlimited rope length makes unrestricted lifting heights and traction lengths possible.

For more information regarding either of these products, and to find out which version best suits your application please call 0845 600 8007 or alternatively click here to use the online enquiry form.

referenceModelLength mmHeight mmRope Diameter mmWeight Without Rope kgRope included
02409594Y084301688.4720 Meters
02409053Y084301688.47Base Unit Only
02409595Y1654519011.51420 Meters
02409054Y1654519011.514Base Unit Only
02409597Y32680230162120 Meters
02409055Y326802301621Base Unit Only
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