Hydralite 20 Tonne Jack

Tangye Hydralite Jacks are designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety.
Tangye have used high strength aluminium alloys when designing their range of Hydralite jacks making them lightweight and therefore improving portability. All moving parts are totally enclosed and lubricated by the hydraulic oil.

Overload protection is achieved with the use of a high pressure relief valve. This prevents the lifting of loads in excess of the jacks capacity while locking overloads applied to the ram.
Overstroke protection is achieved with a fail-safe positive stop mechanism which prevents overstroking of the ram by venting oil to the reservoir when the stroke limit is reached. Due to its long life and durability, the Hydralite range of jacks are a popular choice of many hire centres.

Jack models which incorporate a threaded ram and load retaining ring should be selected when loads are to be sustained for a significant amount of time; no need to rely on hydraulic fluid pressure.

All jacks are fully tested and certified with a unique serial number. Tangye Hydralite jacks are designed so that full capacity is within the capability of one man. The short lever is lightweight and requires minimal space for operation. Most Tangye Hydralite Jacks allow the user to fit the operating lever in any one of three positions in the quadrant to obtain the most suitable operating height.

Operator control is provided by the hexagonal key in the operating lever which smoothly controls the release valve. On the base these jacks can be used vertically, or on the front face horizontally.
Lifting loads with low ground clearance is achievable with the claw models which are available in most jack versions. All claw fitments must be with the extended base version. The load applied to the claw must not exceed the maximum load stated in the specification tables and marked on the claw. A claw should not be used on screwed ram jacks.

 The design of the jack makes inspection and component replacement uncomplicated. Main ram seal is changed by simply withdrawing the ram from the top of the jack.
All Tangye Hydralite jacks are ready to use and the operator benefits from not having to search for suitable hand pumps with correct oil capacity, changing fittings, replacing damaged hoses or fabricating load support plates as may be necessary when using pumps and cylinders.

ReferenceDimensionsCapacity (tonne)Stroke (mm)Claw Capacity (tonne)Ram Diameter (mm)Jack Weight (kgs)Claw Weight (kgs)Max Effort on Lever (kgs)Lift/Stroke (mm)Oil Capacity (Litres)Price
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