ARB Roof Top Tents – A New Era of Camping

04 June 2014

The ARB® Simpson III rooftop tent provides the ultimate in ease and convenience when camping. Mounted to the roof of a vehicle and unfolding in minutes, a rooftop tent provides sleeping quarters off the ground, protected from the elements.

Ideal for your next camping trip away, the Simpson III roof top tent, is not only spacious and comfortable, but all bedding, including the mattress it is supplied with, can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital space in any camping trip packed vehicle.
The tent can be put up in minutes. Simply unzip its waterproof protective cover, which is designed to be left in place on the vehicle all year round and protect the tent from the elements. Pull on the sturdy retractable ladder, flip the tent over, turn its simple twist lock arms and then you have a fully set up tent for the night. All achievable in less than 3 minutes once practised a few times!

The Simpson III is designed to comfortably sleep two adults; however you could get a third person or child in as well. Tested to both the elements of Australia and Britain, the tent is fully waterproof and on a rare sunny day, it is also fully UV protected and comes complete with flysheet and insect screened windows and doors.

To close the tent, the above instructions are followed but in reverse. Once the ladder has been retracted and used to flip the tent back onto the roof, you simply then tuck in the sides of tent so no loose parts are hanging, then re-fix the protective cover, via zip points. Packing down takes slightly longer than put up however can still be done in less than 5 minutes once rehearsed.

These tents are designed to fit to any vehicle with the space, height and weight capacity to do so, including nearly all 4x4’s and pickups and dependant on the vehicle can be configured to unfold from either side of the vehicle or the rear. Once erected the tent measures: 1400mm wide x 2400mm long x 1300mm high. All mounting hardware is included and this hardware simply needs a roof bar or racking system to attach too.

The ARB® Simpson III Tent is available from the UK exclusive distributor Arbil 4x4; with an RRP of around £1,310. The team at Arbil also supply the leading range of ARB® annexes and awnings which are also compatible with this tent, with prices starting at just £136. For more information around the roof top tent or any of Arbil’s other camping products including: fridges/freezers, mosquito nets and swag bags, simply contact the team on: 0845 600 4556 or visit:

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