Arbil 4x4 brings the latest range of ARB® Awnings & Touring Accessories to the UK

29 January 2014

After 12 months of prototyping and developments the new range of ARB® Awnings & Touring Accessories is now ready to hit the UK market place. The new range covers two new sizes of awning to meet the demands of shorter roof racks but still give the maximum undercover area, a new awning room with durable floor, along with a 3 wall set, wind breaks and mosquito nets.

The new range of ARB® touring products have been designed in the same lightweight, 300 denier Oxford Polyester. Phil Rawlings, Arbil 4x4’s Sales Manager comments,

“The colour of the polyester has been matched exactly to its previous ranges, including ARB’s premium range of roof top tents, meaning the new ranges can be added to the old and form a complete set.”

ARB® test its products in the most extreme Australian outback conditions and this is why its products are protected to UVP50+ to guard against harmful UV Rays and also prevent fading of material when in direct sunlight. Phil explains why these products are also perfect for the UK based enthusiast,

“From getting out and talking to customers it was clear to us that there was a need for a long length awning, but it needed to be one that gave sufficient support to shorter roof racks. This was where the design for the 2000 x 2500mm awning came from. The 2000mm width is compatible with the majority of vehicles, meaning they have an awning that fits perfectly to the vehicle but still have a long pull out length; in fact this awning gives an extra 20% undercover area when compared to its previous counterpart. For longer racked vehicles the 2500 x 2500mm new awning is also available’ Phil continues,

“Although the new awnings give a wider undercover area; the extremes in weather when on expedition often mean other shelter is needed. The new awning room, wall set, wind breakers and mosquito nets are all compatible with both of the new awnings.  The awning room especially is a great piece of kit; it is designed to function as a fully enclosed room with 4 walls and a durable floor which adds to insulation, or for those not wanting a floor or rear wall against the vehicle there is also the 3 wall set option. Although the awning walls can act as a wind shield, we do recommend that if you know you are going to encounter extreme winds; that the wind breaker is considered. The angle of this piece of kit means it deflects the wind over the top of the awning. It is also a handy piece of kit for adding additional space”

The new touring range is now in stock at Arbil 4x4. To view the products and for more details simply click here.

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