Arbil’s Ford Ranger Hits Australian Magazine

19 August 2014

The kitted out Arbil 4x4 Ford Ranger, covered in ARB® and WARN® accessories features in this month’s ARB 4x4 Action magazine.

When the editor was looking for a UK based ARB® accessory covered vehicle they knew where to turn. Kitted out with: OME Suspension, ARB® Canopy, Sahara Winch Bumper, IPF Lights, Fridge Freezer, Roof Tent, Safari® Snorkel and WARN® 9.5 XPS to name just a few accessories; Arbil’s vehicle was the obvious choice.

Arbil 4x4 loaned its vehicle to the writer of the feature, so they could put it through its paces in the Peak District countryside. Impressed with the vehicles overall look, combined with its enhanced handle ability due to all the accessories, the Arbil vehicle stood out from the crowd and was chosen for the feature.

To read the full 4 page article within ARB 4x4 Action Magazine, simply click here.

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