First WARN ZEON Platinum Fitted in the UK

11 March 2015

The UK’s first WARN® ZEON Platinum™ has been fitted by the Flatdog UK team at Flatdog’s specialist workshop in Lincolnshire in front of a live audience!

Flatdog opened up its doors on 7th March 2015 to host the UK’s first WARN ZEON Platinum™ fitting live. The team at Flatdog are the first in the UK to get their hands on the new ZEON Platinum™ through the UK’s exclusive and official distributor Arbil 4x4.

Flatdog’s 110 Defender had previously been kitted out with a WARN ZEON 10, so during the day, the Flatdog team removed this winch live and re-installed it onto a Defender 90. The team then set to work on the Platinum 10 installation, which was a synthetic rope model.

Ben Baker, Sales Manager at Flatdog commented,

“We’ve got a great team here, so the live fitting and demonstration didn’t phase the guys at all.  With the team having over 30 years experience in the fitting of winches, WARN® knew that the fitting of their new model was in safe hands.” Baker added,

The fitment from start to finish only took the team 1 hour – a credit to guys at Flatdog, along with WARN’s design as before the day no-one had seen the winch out of the box.

The ZEON Platinum™ is available in three different model types. Both 10k & 12k capacities are available with wire rope, with the 10k model also having a synthetic rope option. All 3 variations of the winch come complete with WARN’s new advanced wireless remote, which completely eliminates the need for a manual clutch.

The new remote has been designed specially for the ZEON Platinum™ and works with all 3 models. The remote means the clutch is now in the operator’s hand rather than in the winch itself, increasing the safety and convenience factor whenever the winch is in use.

Ben Baker closes,

“The Platinum is definitely an impressive piece of kit and now that it is fitted to our 110 Defender we can show it off in all it’s glory – Look out for it when it is out and about around the country!’ Baker adds,

‘We are taking orders daily for WARN® winches, with a ZEON Platinum™ and fitment being ordered during our open day. With our specialist workshop area and a highly skilled team we are ready and waiting for the orders to come flooding in!”

With the UK’s first ZEON Platinum shipment due to arrive in the UK during March, the Flatdog Team are taking orders now.  For further details, to order or request a fitting simply contact the Flatdog team on: 01427 616200 or visit:

Take a look below at the first fitted WARN® ZEON Platinum™ below in all of its glory:

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