Southern Success for UKRO

19 May 2014

The Southern UKRO event, held at Hants Fire Service was the largest southern based event of its kind so far with 21 teams taking part, including guest teams from both Germany and Luxembourg.

The event, organised by Steve Barrow, Watch Manager & Operational Development at Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, took place on the 26th April within one of the UK’s largest on site training facilities at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services HQ. Barrow explains the day,

“The day was made up to comprise of 2 separate challenge scenarios for each team to face, including one trauma and one standard RTC scenario challenge. The teams attention to detail, communication, access and egress, initiative, medical awareness and technical expertise when using equipment were all put to the test and assessed during the day.’

Barrow continues,

‘The UKRO organisation prides itself on events like these being a key way to share knowledge and experience. Although the teams taking place are ranked to give a competitive edge, really the main objective from all of these types of event, is to learn and the close to real life practice you get is invaluable.”

The awards for the day were categorised by challenge and discipline. The overall places for the day were as follows, 3rd – Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, 2nd – Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, with 1st place awarded to the Hereford and Worcester team.

The event was also attended by a number of suppliers including: Arbil Limited. Tom Price, Arbil Limited’s Emergency Service Account Manager, had this to say of the day,

“It’s great to be able to get out and meet face to face with the people who will be using our equipment daily. The primary products we sell into the fire service are the WARN® range of vehicle winches and the Hi-Lift® First Responder™ Jack. Both are the leading American brands, with both sold into nearly all fire services across the USA. These days give us vital feedback as to what the UK market place requires, which we can then pass onto the product development teams back in the States.”

Steve Barrow finishes,

“A great deal of thanks needs to go out to all of the teams and suppliers who travelled to the day to make it such a success. Possibly even greater thanks needs to go to all of the volunteers on the day, as without these event organisers, days like the Southern Challenge could simply not take place.”

All the UK teams which took part in the day’s events are now looking forward to and preparing for the UKRO Challenge 2014, to be held in Essex on the newly developed, state of the art university campus.

For more information around the UKRO 2014 event, simply email:

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