The Latest Gear From Hi-Lift 

16 May 2016

To match the unrivaled quality and sustainability of the Hi-Lift® Jack, a convenient, jack mounted storage box for all Hi-Lift® accessories and recovery gear is hitting UK shores.

The team at Hi-Lift® have developed a metal reinforced plastic storage box – The Hi-Lift® Gear Box, which mounts directly to the Hi-Lift® Jack bar for easy access. With the use of Hi-Lift’s versatile screw fit locking knobs (two are included with the box), the box can be left attached to vehicle mounted jacks whilst driving. For added security a padlock can also be applied locking the box shut and onto the jack (padlock not included).

The Hi-Lift® Gear Box is fully water resistant to protect its contents from the elements. The box measures 38cm x 10cm (15inch x 4inch), allowing ample space to store accessories such as Lift-Mates, recovery straps, winching gloves and chain, grab hooks and shackles.

Further details around the Gear Box can be found here. Want to find your local distributor? View Arbil 4x4's dealer listing here.

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