WARN: The Winching Workhorse

02 June 2014

Through its UK exclusive distributor Arbil 4x4, WARN® has established itself as the market leader in trusted workhorse style winches. When a heavy load is applied to one of its large frame pulling beasts, its ability to perform time-after-time is never in question.

Based on the original series range of winches; the WARN® M12000 & M15000 have a pulling capacity of 12,000lbs and 15,000lbs retrospectively.  Both feature a 4.6hp series-wound motor, with a direct drive cone breaking system. The control packs of both winches are designed for clearance and ease of access and both models come in 12 & 24v variants.

Also making up the heavy duty series is the 16.5ti, delivering 16,500lbs of pulling power. This winch features the full diagnostic ability of WARN® thermometric technology, plus the extreme sealing, durability and reliability that the WARN® ti-series is known for.

The M12000, M15000 and 16.5ti ranges of winches are the true workhorses, but if you are looking for both power and stylish design; then the 24v ZEON™ fits both categories. The ZEON™ range, a part of the Premium Series of winches, has been reengineered from the ground up to include a symmetrical design. Now available in a 24v 12,000lb capacity option; this winch really is the envy of all others and its 24v option means it packs an extra punch.

If you want a heavier duty entry level winch then the 24v Tabor™ is second to none. The Tabor™ was designed with a cost effective solution in mind. The entry level price on this winch, combined with an up to 12,000lb pulling capacity has made it a popular line in the agricultural market.

WARN® also produce a line of winches for trailer and ATV use. These winches are smaller in size, but still pack a considerable punch. The trailer and ATV line of winches have been designed for pulling loads, such as animal carcases onto the back of trailer. Prices for this line of winches retail from £115 for a 1,700Ibs pulling capacity, with pulling rates going up to 4,500Ibs.

Along with the leading WARN® brand, Arbil also stocks its own ranges of leading recovery chains, which can be made up to bespoke customer requirements.

Arbil is the exclusive distributor of WARN® winches and also Hi-Lift® jacking products for the UK. For information about the full range which Arbil offers simply visit: www.arbil.co.uk/4x4/

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