ZEON Platinum – Winching’s New Gold Standard

27 January 2015

The best just got better. With 20% faster line speed, twice the durability of previous generations of WARN® winches, combined with being the industries first winch without a manual clutch; the WARN ZEON Platinum™ is at the top of its game.

After much hype and anticipation the new range of WARN® winches is due to hit the UK shores in March 2015 through it’s exclusive UK distributor Arbil 4x4. Phil Rawlings, General Manager at Arbil 4x4 has this to say of the new range,

“When the ZEON™ originally launched, we didn’t think WARN® would be able to top it, but the new range definitely goes that step further. It is the remote clutch that has got people the most excited, as the UK hasn’t seen anything like this before’ Rawlings continues,

‘It doesn’t end there though. The ZEON Platinum™ has also been tested and proved to be TWICE as durable as WARN’s previous generations of winches, and when WARN® is arguably already the best out there, this is pretty impressive!”

The ZEON Platinum’s extra strength is due to its enhanced waterproofing to IP-68 rating, along with a stronger gear train and high strength sleeve-in-drum brake design.

The ZEON Platinum™ is available in three different model types. Both 10k & 12k capacities are available with wire rope, with the 10k model also having a synthetic rope option. All 3 variations of the winch come complete with WARN’s new advanced wireless remote, which completely eliminates the need for a manual clutch. Laura Ponticaccia, European Account Liaison for WARN® comments,

“The new remote has been designed specially for the ZEON Platinum™ and works with all 3 models. The remote means the clutch is now in the operators hand rather than in the winch itself, increasing the safety and convenience factor whenever the winch is in use.’ Ponticaccia continues,

‘The remote comes complete with a USB charging cable and car charger adaptor. With a digital pictorial display screen giving instant operating feedback like the winch motor temperature, along with the ability to also control 2 other accessories at the same time, such as lights or other auxiliary gear. For me, it stands head and shoulders above any other product on the market!”

Along with the ZEON Platinum™ winch, 2 other new accessory types have been released to compliment the new range. These include control pack relocation kits and parts to allow for the control box to be mounted remotely from the winch, and for those who want to customise their winches look; there is also the option to accessorise with wire rope covers, which hide the rope from view, also adding protection. These accessories start with an RRP of just £32

The recommended retail price for the new ZEON Platinum™ winches start from £1660. Further details and your local distributor can be found on the Arbil 4x4 website: www.arbil.co.uk/4x4/. Simply search for ZEON Platinum. Pre-orders are now being taken.

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