Arbil Rail: Leading the Field in Innovative Bespoke Design

07 February 2014

In existence for over 50 years Arbil Rail not only has a wealth of experience in the manufacture & provision of leading rail products such as the Zwicky™ range of hydraulic track jacks, but it is now also raising its voice in its capabilities for bespoke manufacturing fabrications.

Arbil Rail is a perfect example of an organisation with many layers, but the industry only really fully knowing about the top one. Most know of Arbil’s abilities to source leading rail products, particularly in permanent way & track maintenance areas, however fewer know of its vast engineering capabilities, something the company is now looking to bring to everyone’s attention. Brian Timmington, Arbil’s Engineering Manager explains,

“I enjoy designing and providing solutions for our customer’s rail maintenance needs. It is the varied workload that Arbil undertake that keeps things interesting. Jobs vary from day to day, from bespoke post & jibs, to fabricating lifting equipment for the safe removal of steam engines, to a 24 tonne capacity lattice beam, which measured an impressive 21 metres in length’ Timmington continues,

‘We don’t just manufacture lifting solutions though. We are also proud to work closely with the big named rail infrastructure organisations to provide innovative new ideas to make the working conditions of rail workers as safe as possible. We have recently designed and manufactured a safety shield for mechanical jacks with open mechanisms; these shields encourage correct operational use of the jack. We have also developed a fleet of aluminium access walkways for wagons to allow easy and safe access for workers, along with a current project, now under trial, to enhance the safety and ease of lifting and laying sleepers.’ Timmington finishes,

‘In the past maybe we have been a little reserved about showing off our manufacturing capabilities, but now we want to share it & I’m looking forward to the next big design challenges!”

To read more about how Arbil Rail could help your business and see real life examples simply click here to view the full case study portfolio.

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