Arbil Rail Looks to Develop 808 Zwicky Jack

13 February 2014

Arbil Rail is looking to expand the globally recognised Zwicky™ range of obstructionless jacks to include a jack of both 8t head and toe capacity, adding to its fleet and meeting increasing track maintenance demands throughout Europe.

With growing demands to increase not just the UK but also the European passenger and freight rail network, it is becoming increasingly common place to encounter requirements for heavier capacity obstructionless track jacks. Marcus Taylor, Commercial Sales and Service Manager, Arbil Rail, explains,

“With the increased reliability and economy within the rail passenger and freight network, we are beginning to see a change in trends regarding the percentage of our products being used for rail track maintenance network developments. Particularly within Europe we have seen sharp increases in sales, largely in Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Italy and also sales as far afield as Australia.”

Arbil Rail has primarily put increases in sales down to not only the strength of the Zwicky™ brand name, but it is also currently the most complete range of obstructionless jacks available; with further models now being developed. In the instance of the new Zwicky™ 808 jack, it will be a vital piece of kit for applications in both track laying and maintenance usage. Brian Timmington, Engineering Manager at Arbil, comments,

“The new jacks are being constructed using the same foot print as the existing 805 track jack, making it exactly the same height as its 8t head and 5t toe counterpart and still remaining obstructionless. The toe to head height of the new jack is just 140mm. As the 805 comes from the tried, tested and trusted Zwicky™ name, we knew it would just be a case of building on an already impressive product.’ Timmington adds,

‘To maintain the highest safety standards all of our Zwicky™ range of jacks come fitted with an overload safety valve set at 105% and are tested to 25% above rated capacity and the 808 will be no exception. The new jack will remain obstructionless for rails of 42kg/m and over.”

With prototypes nearing completion, Arbil Rail is now looking for industry users to trial the Zwicky™ 808 Track Jack. To contact the team about trialling the jack or for more information about the Zwicky™ range simply call: 0845 600 4332

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