Arbil Limited: Keeping it British for over 50 Years

28 March 2014

With a 50 year history in the engineering and fabrication of specialist lifting, handling and hydraulic equipment for industrial and rail sectors; Arbil is leading the field in waving the Union Jack to showcase the strength and importance of UK engineering.

The manufacturing industry in the UK is on the up. Arbil Limited is not only just jumping on the UK manufacturing bandwagon though; it in fact has been leading the field in UK manufacturing since 1963, fabricating a host of products including: Hydraulic jacks, mechanical lifting and maintenance tools, lifting and spreader beams, A-frames, gantries, along with bespoke fabrications and general lifting accessories such as shackles, wire rope and hooks.

Arbil Limited engineers all of its products within its 25,000ft² engineering centre in the heart of the Black Country, the UK home of manufacturing. This considerable space facilitates the manufacture of large and lengthy bespoke fabrications such as lifting beams and gantries, whilst a number of individual workshops enable volume manufacture of smaller fabrications and components.

Arbil provides on-site visits from qualified engineers which allow it to deliver from concept to finished design. This thorough job process leads to Arbil being able to boast years of experience in the provision of precision parts manufactured from exotic material, often with high tolerances and always with high quality finishes.

One of the key disciplines that Arbil Limited works within is the rail sector, producing its OEM range of obstructionless hydraulic track jacks: The Zwicky™ range. With growing demands increasing in not just the UK but also the European passenger and freight rail network, it is becoming increasingly common place for Arbil to receive bulk orders of this product for both domestic and export use.

Arbil Limited has primarily put increases in sales down to not only the strength of the Zwicky™ brand name, but also an industry requirement to buy British rather than cheap Chinese imitations. Brian Timmington, Engineering Manager at Arbil, comments,

“We always stock enough component parts to build in excess of 100 Zwicky™ jacks at a moments notice. We have in excess of 10 engineers who specialise in the production of the Zwicky™ range so we are able to turn these products around quickly. It is the industry leading quality of these products that produces all of our bulk and repeat orders.”

Arbil Limited not only engineers products for the rail sector. One of its key strengths and in fact where the business began is specialist lifting devices. A recent 85ft Twin Girder Trunnion Lift Beam was fabricated for the power generation sector to lift out rotor shafts for maintenance of wind turbines. Timmington details the job,

“Exact precision was needed to ensure these rotor shafts could be removed without potentially colliding with any of the other materials surrounding them in the turbine, which could lead to damage to the shaft or other parts. This meant 3 lift points had to be created within the lifting device. We opted to include trunnions to enable the rotor shafts to be lifted out in 3 stages. These cylindrical protrusions allow for the rotors to be mounted in various positions, but ensure the rotor will only move freely along one plane and in the desired direction when attached to the slings, making the risk of collisions with other parts negligible”

Not content with just manufacturing vital pieces of lifting and maintenance equipment, Arbil also provides full SolidWorks solutions for covering all aspects of a client’s product development process with a seamless, integrated workflow – design concept, verification, sustainable design for longevity, communication and data management. Arbil’s designers and engineers can span multiple disciplines with ease, shortening the design cycle, increasing productivity and delivering innovative products to market faster. A recent product project which highlighted these skills was the fabrication of a 21 meter, 2 part, 24 tonne capacity lattice beam, for use in lifting and transporting rail track panels.

Along with providing the customer with a bespoke fabrication for lifting and moving track panels; Arbil also ran simulation tests on all of the slabs to be lifted by this beam, ensuring both measurements were accurate and the loads to be lifted safe. These tests showed where any stress factors on the beam may be and how the beam would react. Arbil’s tests included full FEA analysis to assist with the proof load testing.

The manufacturing industry is of vital economic importance to the UK and Arbil Limited are proud to be making a significant contribution in terms of the value of goods and services it produces and also the employment opportunities it creates.

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