Simple Fixed Calibration Pricing From Arbil

09 May 2014

To help further simplify the calibration process and ensure its customer’s can facilitate for future product calibration costs; Arbil has revised its fixed calibration rates for 2014. This eliminates the risk of unexpected price increases for its customers and makes management of costs far easier.

The new calibration pricing structure includes simplified rates and choices for customers, where the best solutions to suit their needs can be found. These fixed prices vary from day rates, to hourly, and site visits to Arbil housed tests.

With fixed prices covering calibrations for load cells, cylinders, Dynafors™ and Dynamometers and example pricing including just £90 for Tractel® 5 tonne Dynafor™ calibrations; there is an at a glance solution and price for everyone.

For more information around the service and calibration offering that Arbil can provide, simply click here. To book in a test or calibration contact the team on: 0845 600 8007

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