Arbil Launch New Platinum Range

20 February 2014

The nationwide one stop-shop for lifting gear components and fabrications; Arbil Lifting has now launched the new Crosby Platinum Line range.

Arbil’s strength in manufacturing and servicing lifting gear products has led to it becoming a preferred supplier for the new Crosby® Platinum 8/10 Chain Fittings Range. The new range incorporates both Grade 80 & 100 components, with grade 100 20-25% stronger than its grade 80 counterpart. These new grade 80 & 100 components have the added benefit of dual chain use, but most importantly the grade 100 offers the most economical and effective solution when compared to competitor grade 100 solutions, due to its compatibility and cross use with grade 80 chains.  Willy Caubergs, Managing Director Crosby Europe, comments,

“We decided to develop the Platinum Line to bridge the gap between premium ranges of lifting components, such as our Kuplex® range and the budget brands also available on the market. Our new Platinum line has been developed by the same engineers as our Kuplex® range and is being produced within the same fully equipped UK premises. The added benefit of these Platinum components is that they have dual chain use, meaning the grade 100 chain type can be used with both the 80 & 100 components. As with Kuplex®; all of our Platinum Line components are individually proof tested to 2.5 times the WLL.’

‘All components in the Platinum range are quenched and forged from alloy steel, which include Quic-Check angle and deformation indicators as standard. The new line meets European chain standard: EN1677 & EN818, with full traceability and certification of each of our product lines accessible. At Crosby® we pride ourselves on the highest levels of quality control procedures being followed and this is part of the reason why Arbil make the perfect partner.”

Dave Nicholls, Arbil Lifting’s General Manager explains why Arbil was chosen as a preferred supplier,

“We have been selling and servicing Crosby’s Kuplex® range of lifting components for over 20 years now and during this time we have established a close working relationship with The Crosby Group. We keep large stock holdings of Crosby’s products, so we can quickly cater for component requests.’ Nicholls continues,

‘The over 20 year workings with Crosby®, not only mean we have established relationships with the Crosby® team, but also that our engineers, service teams and sales staff are extremely familiar with the product groups available and as the new Platinum range is manufactured using the same techniques and is even produced on the same premises as Kuplex®, it was an extremely quick and logical process to utilise our staff to train up on the new line.”

The new Platinum Line makes up the most comprehensive range of Grade 80 & 100 chain fitting components available and includes all of the high performance properties that are expected from Crosby®.

As The Crosby Groups largest seller of both Kuplex® and now The Platinum Line, Arbil Lifting is well positioned to facilitate bulk and varied orders and also offer product advice. For further details around The Platinum Line or to place orders simply contact the Arbil team on: 0845 600 8007 or click here to download a brochure.

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