Arbil Lifting Receives Exclusive TRACTEL® Calibration Centre Status

03 February 2014

The industry leading provider and fabricator of lifting equipment and holder of an extensive calibration and testing facility, has secured exclusive load cell calibration centre status for the full range of TRACTEL® Dynafors™.

As one of the biggest names in lifting and handling equipment, along with force measurement; TRACTEL® is always keen to enhance and further its offering to stay ahead of the competition. When a need arose to revisit its load cell calibration procedure processes, TRACTEL® looked no further than Arbil Lifting. Dave Nicholls, General Manager at Arbil Lifting explains,

 “Up until now, every 12 months users of Dynafors™ had to return their equipment to TRACTEL® to have them calibrated. TRACTEL® then put these Dynafors™ through state of the art testing. The quality of this testing is second to none, however as the products have to pass back through TRACTEL®, (who the user may not have purchased the Dynafors™ from originally) it potentially led to TRACTEL® being an additional step in the process. ”

After highlighting the need to streamline its Dynafor™ calibration procedure, TRACTEL® began to look for a calibration centre partner. As Arbil Lifting was the largest single seller of Dynafors™ and had a proven history in servicing and calibration it made sense for talks to begin.

“We have been working with TRACTEL® for over 25 years so when it came to brainstorming out new ideas for how to make the calibration process more streamline it was something we were more than happy to do. It quickly became apparent that Arbil providing a calibration service was the obvious solution.’ explains Nicholls,

‘Our 25,000 ft² service, testing and calibration site more than had the capabilities to take on additional calibration jobs. Our testing and calibration division workforce are already skilled in the calibration of Dynamometers and as we are the largest seller of the range of 8 models of Dynafors from TRACTEL®, product knowledge and understanding are already there. Now our customers have the option to return their Dynafors™ to the place they purchased from, limiting their number of suppliers. We can also send our customers reminders as to when Dynafors™ we sold to them are due for calibration. This helps to enforce the highest safety standards.”

The Dynafor™ end user now has more than just one option for calibration to choose from. Richard Ellis, TRACTEL® Sales and Operations Manager closes,

“TRACTEL® will continue to offer its own load cell calibration service, but we also recognised we needed to offer an alternative for the wide range of Dynafor™ users and we think Arbil fit the bill perfectly. Arbil trust us to provide them with proven industry leading products and in turn we know we can trust them to maintain our highest of standards when it comes to the calibration of our equipment”

With the full Dynafor™ calibration service offering due to begin in February, Arbil is already taking advanced bookings. To book in a Dynafor™ to be calibrated simply contact:

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