New Crosby Slide-Loc™ Raising the Lifting Standard

10 May 2016

Crosby® has revolutionised standard Eye Bolts with a new patent pending locking mechanism. By teaming up with Arbil Lifting, Crosby® aims to make the Slide-Loc™ the new UK standard of Eye Bolt.

Along with being the UK’s first 360° swivel rotating and locking lifting Eye Bolt, the new Crosby SL150M Slide-Loc™ provides other features not found on standard lifting eye bolts. At the centre of the new design is the patent pending locking mechanism which slides to lock the bolt for faster installation, then slides back to make ready for lifting, without the need for tools.

Dave Nicholls, Lifting General Manager at Arbil Lifting, had this to say of the innovative new product,

“The Slide-Loc™ mechanism isn’t the only feature which makes this product stand out from other eye bolts in the market place. These new eye bolts, size for size have a larger eye opening for easy access and with the 360° swivel ball, loads are able to be kept aligned with the sling leg to maintain the full WLL at any angle.’ Nicholls continues, 

‘Safety when lifting is always at the forefront of our minds when taking on new product and Crosby never disappoints. All Slide Loc’s are fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1 – ½ times the WLL and proof tested to 2 times the WLL. Each Slide Loc™ also has the WLL permanently forged into each ball.’ Nicholls closes,

‘Being Crosby’s largest UK distributor, we are ideally positioned to push this product out into the market place and help further raise and maintain the standards of UK Lifting.” 

The Crosby® SL150M Slide-Loc™ is available in capacities from 0.5 to 3 metric tonne and in bolt sizes from 10mm to 24mm. All variations meet the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC guidelines and are marked with CE accordingly. 

The Crosby® SL150M Slide-Loc™ is available to purchase through Crosby’s largest UK distributor Arbil Lifting. Bulk order purchases are available through Arbil Lifting with prices given upon enquiry size. To place your order or for further information, simply call 0845 600 8007 or click here to send us your enquiry

Want to watch the The Crosby® SL150M Slide-Loc™ in action?

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