Track Panel Slab Lifting Solution Manufactured by Arbil

24 January 2014

Arbil Limited deal with innovative solutions on a day to day basis, so when approached to engineer a solution to lay track panel slabs both the customer and Arbil itself were confident the solution could be fabricated in a timely yet detailed and accurate manner.

The track panel slabs to be laid in this customer’s rail track development were designed as if a substantial lift beam was to be used; therefore meaning substantial size slabs could be developed. Brain Timmington, Arbil’s Engineering Manager details the job,

“The customer approached us with their designs for the slab sizes and the beam type they believed could be fabricated for multiple slab lifts. The slabs to be lifted were primarily for crossings and turnouts, so the more complicated bits of track.’ Timmington goes on,

‘The beam was designed and fabricated in two parts, which join in the middle. The beam was developed with 4 top lifting points due to its length, set at equal distances apart. Rail wagon cranes were to attach to each lifting point in order to enable it (and its load) to be transported along a track. The beam frame had multiple lifting points to attach the slabs to. When attached the slabs would then be hooked up to the 4 cranes via the lift points on the beam and transported along temporary tracks to where they were to be laid, making for a more simple process.”

To read the full story around how Arbil manufactured and tested this 21 meter and 24 tonne capacity lattice beam, simply click here to view the full case study.

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