Service, Test And Inspect

Arbil’s dedicated Service Division has a full complement of service facilities at hand to examine, repair, test and calibrate all types of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical lifting and rail equipment as well as small plant.

Every piece of equipment that enters Arbil’s service department is taken through a rigorous procedure of complete strip down, chemical clean, repair, re-spray, test and certification in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001. Arbil are one of only two authorised service and calibration centres for Dillon® force measuring equipment and are also authorised service centres for ENERPAC® and Tractel™.

Inspections are carried out by Arbil’s experienced examiners who are on hand to provide professional, helpful advice on any technical or legislative requirements for lifting and rail equipment testing. This helps to ensure Arbil’s customers are always compliant with ever changing legislation in the industry.

Arbil’s engineering facility contains all the necessary machine tools for milling, drilling, grinding, turning and finishing, ensuring the correct fitting and mating of parts.

Arbil’s capabilities include:

• Mechanical and Hydraulic Track Jacks

• Electric and Petrol Power Packs

• Gap Adjusters and Destressing Equipment

• Ironmen & Scooters

• Rail Thimbles and Rail Trolleys

• All types of mechanical and hydraulic lifting gear and small plant

• Tensionmeters and dynamometers

Along with servicing; Arbil has a comprehensive range of test equipment up to 1000 tonnes capacity. This equipment is held in-house and in dedicated testing sites.

This onsite testing includes:

• Horizontal tensile test rigs up to 100 tonnes

• Vertical tensile test rigs up to 20 tonnes

• Hydraulic jack testers up to 1000 tonnes

• Dynamic jack testers up to 750 tonnes

• Pump and Hose testing up to 20,000 psi

• Dynamometer calibration facility

• 1000 tonnes of test weight

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