Why Arbil

With 50 years experience in the provision of specialist rail equipment, lifting devices and 4x4 accessories and associated products; Arbil is a company with expertise and knowledge of each of its industries, products and most importantly customers.

Arbil prides itself on its industry knowledge and expertise. Arbil uses this knowledge to provide leading bespoke manufacturing, high quality products, brands and full account management services, all at competitive prices.

This expertise and knowledge base is what secures Arbil’s supplier relationships. Arbil only deals with the leading supplier brands across all divisions and these suppliers in turn only deal with leading distributors and manufacturers. Arbil’s suppliers share the same confidence and reassurances in Arbil’s capabilities as Arbil does in the quality and functionality of the supplier products.

Arbil can boast leading proficiency and capability in all areas of its 3 sub-divisions; from its teams on the workshop floor to the over 50 year career of its owner and Managing Director. Arbil understands that its strength can only be as powerful as the strength within its workforce. This understanding means Arbil only employees the highest standard of personnel to carry out any given task.

Arbil’s key strength lies in its core Arbil Group business structure; with a total of 5 owned sites throughout the Midlands and Southern England. Owning all of these sites ensures stability and reduction in overheads, meaning the best possible prices can be passed onto its customers and these customers can be secure in the knowledge, that even in a challenging economic climate; Arbil has the strong foundations required to not just survive but continue to lead the way in terms of customer service, product quality and investment in its future.

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