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Essential Off-Road Recovery Kits

15 November 2023

We are thrilled to offer the Arbil ATV Essential Recovery kit and 4x4 Essential Recovery Kit.

Little discussed fact: - A winch cannot be used for self-recovery with only a wire rope and a shackle, this will damage the winch, winch rope and whatever is used as an anchor. 

Arbil 4x4 Essential Recovery Kits are designed to meet the needs of off-roading enthusiasts, include the essential gear to enhance adventures while ensuring safety on the trails.  These contain:

Tree Strops (2 included):

  • The tree strops in these kits are straps that can be secured around a tree or anchor point, and then secured to your winch rope with the soft shackle included.
  • The tree strop can also be used to extend the winch rope, enabling recovery using an anchor at a greater distance.

Soft Shackles (2 included)

  • Soft shackles are lightweight and versatile. 
  • In the even of a rope breaking, a soft shackle is a lightweight projectile, (compared to a steel shackle)
  • Soft material will not scratch paintwork (compared to steel shackle)

Winch Gloves

  • Main purpose is to protect your hands. Wire rope can give you nips or puncture wounds, and synthetic rope can cause potential friction injury.
  • The gloves also help with grip in the mud!

Bungee Straps (2 in the ATV Kit)

  • These enable the kit to be secured to the handlebars or rack of the vehicle.

Orange Rucksack

  • Waterproof so that wet gear can be placed inside to protect the interior of your vehicle from the muck of your recovery.
  • Bright colour to make it easier to see.
  • Extra pockets - for snacks perhaps?
  • Big enough for extra recovery kit such as a Snatch Block or Winch Damper if you want to expand your off-road experince with extra equipment.

We can also prepare recovery kits to suit your individual or business requirements. For more information, contat the team on


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