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Winches and Lifting Gear for Utility Vehicles  

Utility company field engineers are frequently called upon to carry out repair jobs in the most hostile terrain, at any hour. Arbil 4x4 is trusted by vehicle converters and OE manufacturers alike, to supply only the most reliable self-recovery equipment, for vehicles used in this sector including Warn winches (with discreet winch mounts for most pickup models), as well as a wide range of self-recovery kits and equipment, traction control aids, on-board compressors, Hi-Lift Jacks and more. 

Backed by Arbil 4x4’s service department and suppliers’ warranty coverage, there is no better supplier to provide peace of mind. The availability of parts for Warn winches enables years of reliable use, considerably reducing the life-cycle cost, compared to other brands.

Typical products in use by utility companies are:

  • Warn electric (12V DC and 24V DC) and hydraulic winches

  • Discreet winch mount systems (most popular pick-up models) 

  • Hoists and hand winches

  • Wire and synthetic ropes

  • Chain (by length), slings and strops

  • Hooks, Shackles and snatch blocks

  • Hi-Lift mechanical jacks and accessories

  • Recovery kits (standard and bespoke kits available)

  • Bumpers and under-vehicle protection, 

  • Air Lockers and on-board air compressors

To discuss your requirements, contact the 4x4 team on 01384 424 004.

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Featured Products

Flat Duplex Sling, 3t, 90mm wide, Yellow

£7.05 Ex VAT

Green Pin Bow Shackle with Screw Pin

£4.00 Ex VAT

Hi-Lift All Cast Jack (HL-485) 48" (122cm)

£117.90 Ex VAT

Round Sling 3t, 55mm wide, 20mm diam, Yellow

£8.43 Ex VAT

Snow Chains for 4x4 Vehicles 19643


Soft Shackle PRO - from 10,000kg

£76.00 Ex VAT

Tirfor Hand Winch Cable Puller - 1,763 lb (800kg) Capacity


Warn Drill Winch - 750 lb Capacity - Steel Rope

£234.28 Ex VAT

Warn Pullzall Portable 1000 lb Winch (2 Batteries inc)

£765.54 Ex VAT

Warn VR EVO 10-S Winch with Synthetic Rope - 12V

£906.38 Ex VAT

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