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Lifting Gear and Winches for your Workshop 

Arbil 4x4 can help you make the most of your workshop with a variety of utility and lifting devices which include the following:

  • Warn PullZall portable winch - mains and battery options available
  • Warn Drill Winch- turns your electric drill into a winch (available with Synthetic or Wire rope)
  • Hoists, hooks, shackles and chain (to length)
  • Chain slings - length and arrangement made to order
  • Wire and synthetic ropes

Contact the 4x4 team for your workshop requirements on 01384 424 004.

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Featured Products

ARB 12V High Output Compressor

£234.03 Ex VAT

Endless Ratchet Lashing: 2t, Blue / Orange (2 stripes)

£5.53 Ex VAT

Flat Duplex Sling, 1t, 30mm wide, Violet

£2.49 Ex VAT

Green Pin Bow Shackle with Screw Pin

£4.00 Ex VAT

Pullzall Rigging Kit & Carrying Bag

£141.02 Ex VAT

Soft Shackle - From 4,900kg

£22.00 Ex VAT

Warn 3000 ACI Winch

£1774.44 Ex VAT

Warn Drill Winch - 750 lb Capacity - Synthetic Rope

£287.53 Ex VAT

Warn Pullzall 1000 lb Winch (230V AC Mains)

£394.04 Ex VAT

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