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Expedition & Competition

Premium 4x4 Aftermarket Winches and Accessories for Expedition and Competition Vehicles

With a focus on premium brands, Arbil 4x4 is your destination supplier for high quality expedition and competition equipment for 4x4 vehicles. We understand that serious off-road event competitors and overland expedition participants require durable, reliable, high performance equipment that will meet the most demanding challenges. Arbil 4x4 offers only the best products from the most trusted brands in the industry.

Our fully-serviceable electric and hydraulic winches offer powerful and consistent performance, making them the perfect choice for your vehicle. Our range of premium accessories, including hooks, strops, and mounts, ensures that your winch is fully equipped to handle any challenge, anywhere.

Our priority at Arbil 4x4 is to ensure that our customers receive products that exceed their expectations with service to match.  Our customer support team is ready to assist.

Please contact the 4x4 team on 01384 424 004  for more information.

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Featured Products

ARB 12V Twin Compressor

£403.92 Ex VAT

Flat Duplex Sling, 3t, 90mm wide, Yellow

£7.05 Ex VAT

Green Pin Bow Shackle with Screw Pin

£4.00 Ex VAT

Hi-Lift All Cast Jack (HL-485) 48" (122cm)

£117.90 Ex VAT

Hi-Lift All Cast Jack (HL-605) 60" (152cm)

£126.03 Ex VAT

Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Base (ORB)

£61.25 Ex VAT

Kintetic Tow Rope - 5m

£110.00 Ex VAT

Soft Shackle - 6,980kg

£28.00 Ex VAT

Soft Shackle - PRO - from 10,000kg MBL

£28.00 Ex VAT

Soft Shackle PRO - from 10,000kg

£76.00 Ex VAT

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