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Waste Management

Lifting Gear and Winches for Waste Management Operations 

Because of a synergy between lifting and waste management handling, Arbil 4x4 has been able to develop certain solutions with our own lifting division. This collaboration has resulted in Arbil 4x4’s ability to supply some components which are specific to the waste management industry, along with a wider range of lifting and pulling products

Typically Arbil 4x4 supplies the following products to waste management customers:

  • Skip hooks, chains and slings

  • Winches (hydraulic and electric)

  • Shackles

  • Chain (by length)

  • Skip nets

  • Wire and synthetic ropes

  • Ratchet lashings

  • Strops

For more information contact the 4x4 Team on 01384 424 004.


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Featured Products

Ratchet Lashing - 2 part: 2t, Blue / Orange (2 stripes)

£7.35 Ex VAT

Synthetic winch rope, 10mm x 38m long.

£196.00 Ex VAT

Warn M8274-70 12V Winch - Synthetic Rope (Limited Edition)


Warn Pullzall Portable 1000 lb Winch (2 Batteries inc)

£765.54 Ex VAT

Warn Series G2 9 Hydraulic Winch - 3.0Cl Motor, Manual Clutch

£2228.76 Ex VAT

Yaletrac Cable Puller - 2,204 lb (1,000kg) Capacity

£849.52 Ex VAT

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